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  • KYO KOMBUCHA - Expérience Gingembre (12x33cl)
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Experience Ginger (12x33cl)

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  • Powerful and warm!

    A powerful and warm character for this organic artisanal ginger kombucha. The rich, slightly acidic flavors of kombucha meet the warmth and spiciness of ginger, cold extracted in our brewery.

  • An authentic kombucha, from the ingredients to the recipe!

    It all starts with tea leaves, infused for a few minutes. Organic and unrefined cane sugar is added. Once cooled, the kombucha mother containing the yeast and bacteria necessary for the fermentation process is added.

    Finally, the infusions and/or juices are added at the end of the fermentation process.

    That's all there.

  • Organic farming guaranteed!

    Brewed in Strasbourg, our kombuchas are certified "organic agricutlure" by Ecocert (n°FR-BIO-01).

    An enviroment-friendly packaging

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They say about us

Discover what our clients say... and make your own opinion!

Brewed in France

And we proudly display it on our caps for all to see!
We are located in Strasbourg, a symbol of the french brewery.

Artisan tea brewer, it's our job!

15 days, is the time we take to ferment our tea to become an authentic kombucha

Real Sencha green tea

We work wit organic tea leaves, selected by the les jardins de Gaïa, that we infused ourselves at the brewery.

✔️ No tea concentreted
✔️ No kombucha's concentreted
✔️ No colorants, nor preservatives
✔️ Without sweeteners

Low in calories

...and without guilt!
Made with organic and unrefined cane sugar, our kombucha contains less than 20Kcal per 100ml.